Moeilijk?! minifestival aftermovie

On the 11th of August we organised a mini festival called Moeilijk?! in an old fortress in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Check out the aftermovie below!


Udachi – SinuZ Faves #4

In SinuZ Faves we show you some of our favourite artists without stating the obvious names. We really try to provide you guys with some names you haven’t heard of before. Today in SinuZ Faves: Udachi! You might know Udachi for his recent releases on Party Like Us, Palms Out Sounds and Nightshifters, but above all he is famous for his crazy basslines and grimey electro & dubstep sounds. Check out his soundcloud streams below and see for yourself 🙂

One of Udachi’s more famous tracks (and one of our favourites) is called ‘Jellyroll’

Time for some new music – electro style!!

It’s been some time since we last posted something on here, so here is a little present for you guys 🙂 We made a new mix of the latest and best electro tracks. Listen and download the mix below, let us know what you think about it!


SinuZ 2011 wrap-up

Happy new year!!

2011 was an awesome year for us! Our gigs got bigger and better, we organized successful parties and got some musical productions finished. Here is a short summary of the stuff that we were up to in 2011!

We played many shows, but to give a quick impression: we bounced with electro and dubstep at Nachtlampen in the Dynamo (Eindhoven), Navigation White in Central Studios (Utrecht) and at Club Home in Amsterdam; we enjoyed some crazy student parties in Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague, with crowds of up to 1,700 people; and we had real cool tech-house/techno gigs in Dock154 (Utrecht) and De Fabriek (Eindhoven). The climax of last year’s techno perils was definitely yesterday, where we played at Een Zware Dobber, a techno NYE party on a three-deck boat.

2011 was also a good year for us production-wise. We created/remixed:

* Funtcase vs. Manu Chao – So Bongo Vexed (SinuZ mashup)
* SinuZ – Disco JackZ
* The Royal We – Party Guilt (SinuZ remix)

All three tracks received positive comments from both other DJ’s and ravers, with especially Disco JackZ being loved by many. Cool to know is that the track is currently being remixed by Luna Ludmilla (DeepFM), Robbert Maas (BonBonk/Generaal Pardon) and Bazen&Helden (Heroes Records). If all goes according to plan, a Disco JackZ EP will be released in Q1 of 2012!

On business-level, things are also going well for us. We revamped our website to a blog and got some nice results there. We made a SinuZ Sounds fan-page on Facebook, counting over 1,800 likes already! Better yet, we are currently in negotiations with booking agencies, to get even cooler gigs next year.

Outlook to 2012
For us to keep on growing, we have some big plans for 2012: we will focus more on producing tracks to get our creative juices flowing, and at the same time get some more (inter)national publicity. Also, we will try to get booked for a gig abroad, and if possible, do a small tour through Europe this summer.

For now, we just want to shout out a big   T H A N K   Y O U  to everyone that has supported us in 2011 and before. We would’ve never been where we are now without your support! As a cool little present for you, we made two 2011 yearmixes. One is Electro-based and the other one is Techno-based, both with our signature electro sound. You can check out these sets in the post made yesterday. And as our funky/spacey tech-house set from the NYE party yesterday received such great comments last night, we also made that mix available to you! Check it out below.

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